Tennessee Inheritance Tax Repealed – It’s Time for an Estate Planning Review
January 26, 2016   By: Carla Lovell
Prior to 2016, Tennessee imposed a separate inheritance tax and had an exemption from that tax that was less than the federal estate tax exemption.   Read More

A Little-known, but Big, Change in the Rules on Assets Held by Spouses
October 16, 2015   By: Mike Abelow
Assume that Alex and Casey own a house.  If they bought the house during the marriage, they are presumed to own it as “tenants by Read More

Using Tennessee’s Trust Law to Fix Broken Trusts
September 11, 2014   By: Carla Lovell
Trusts can provide beneficiaries with significant benefits, including asset protection and professional asset management.  However, sometimes due to changed or unforeseen circumstances, the terms of Read More

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