The Essence(s) of the Matter
February 26, 2015   By: Hunter Branstetter
Two not-altogether-wrong characterizations of lawyers are that we like Latin words and thrive on uncertainty. And if you’re analyzing statutes of limitations, you get to Read More

Lawyers, You Have the Right to Remain Silent, but What You Don’t Say Will Be Held Against You
February 24, 2015   By: Amy Rao Mohan
We touched on many issues in our recent crisis communications CLE, but one topic seemed to generate a lot of questions.  Lawyers, perhaps by their Read More

Garnishing an Independent Contractor
February 5, 2015   By: Mike Abelow
Earlier this week, the Tennessee Court of Appeals decided an important, and unprecedented, issue affecting the ability of creditors to garnish funds.  A garnishment is Read More

From Cost-Containment to Profit-Center
January 30, 2015   By: Phillip Cramer
Legal fees—the term strikes at the hearts of CFOs.  On the transactional side, legal fees are often viewed as a necessary evil.  While they help Read More

You Can’t Stay If You Don’t Pay!
January 20, 2015   By: Lisa Helton
Forcible Entry and Detainer Actions Against Commercial Tenants in Tennessee So you have a commercial tenant who signed all of the necessary lease documents, put Read More

Is your choice-of-law clause enforceable in Tennessee?
January 5, 2015   By: Ryan Holt
You’re involved in a dispute in a Tennessee court that transcends state boundaries.  For example, one party is located in New York, another in Tennessee, Read More

Veil piercing for LLCs
December 15, 2014   By: Mike Abelow
In this post I discuss an issue that frequently comes up when an LLC is the defendant in a lawsuit:  If I’m the plaintiff, can Read More

Drafting and Negotiating Physician Employment Agreements – Part 4
November 24, 2014   By: Mark Ison
Note:   This is the fourth in a series of posts that will examine various aspects of drafting and negotiating physician employment agreements in detail.  Read More

Looking Back for Fraudulent Transfer Claims
November 13, 2014   By: Mike Abelow
It is common wisdom that there is a four-year lookback period in bankruptcy for fraudulent transfer claims.  A fraudulent transfer claim alleges that the debtor Read More

Nonprofit Board Member? Here’s what you need to know.
November 7, 2014   By: Carolyn Schott
Sherrard Roe Voigt & Harbison attorney Carolyn Schott was recently interviewed by Kayla Barrett, CEO of Organization Impact, a company that helps companies identify talent, Read More

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