Lawyers, You Have the Right to Remain Silent, but What You Don’t Say Will Be Held Against You
February 24, 2015   By: Amy Rao Mohan
We touched on many issues in our recent crisis communications CLE, but one topic seemed to generate a lot of questions.  Lawyers, perhaps by their Read More

Garnishing an Independent Contractor
February 5, 2015   By: Mike Abelow
Earlier this week, the Tennessee Court of Appeals decided an important, and unprecedented, issue affecting the ability of creditors to garnish funds.  A garnishment is Read More

From Cost-Containment to Profit-Center
January 30, 2015   By: Phillip Cramer
Legal fees—the term strikes at the hearts of CFOs.  On the transactional side, legal fees are often viewed as a necessary evil.  While they help Read More

You Can’t Stay If You Don’t Pay!
January 20, 2015   By: Lisa Helton
Forcible Entry and Detainer Actions Against Commercial Tenants in Tennessee So you have a commercial tenant who signed all of the necessary lease documents, put Read More

Is your choice-of-law clause enforceable in Tennessee?
January 5, 2015   By: Ryan Holt
You’re involved in a dispute in a Tennessee court that transcends state boundaries.  For example, one party is located in New York, another in Tennessee, Read More

Veil piercing for LLCs
December 15, 2014   By: Mike Abelow
In this post I discuss an issue that frequently comes up when an LLC is the defendant in a lawsuit:  If I’m the plaintiff, can Read More

Drafting and Negotiating Physician Employment Agreements – Part 4
November 24, 2014   By: Mark Ison
Note:   This is the fourth in a series of posts that will examine various aspects of drafting and negotiating physician employment agreements in detail.  Read More

Looking Back for Fraudulent Transfer Claims
November 13, 2014   By: Mike Abelow
It is common wisdom that there is a four-year lookback period in bankruptcy for fraudulent transfer claims.  A fraudulent transfer claim alleges that the debtor Read More

Nonprofit Board Member? Here’s what you need to know.
November 7, 2014   By: Carolyn Schott
Sherrard Roe Voigt & Harbison attorney Carolyn Schott was recently interviewed by Kayla Barrett, CEO of Organization Impact, a company that helps companies identify talent, Read More

Kicked Out of School: Charter Schools and Expulsion Law
November 4, 2014   By: Ryan Holt
Hybrid creatures have a long history.  In Greek mythology, there was Pegasus, a horse with the wings of a bird that was said to create Read More

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