Chris Sabis Quoted in Hospice News

Member Chris Sabis was interviewed and quoted in a three-part article series published by Hospice News, the leading independent source for hospice industry information. The articles cover a broad range of issues addressing the intersection of false claims and the hospice industry. Sabis frequently writes and speaks about the latest developments and decisions concerning the False Claims Act.

Sabis leads the firm’s Government Compliance and Investigations group and concentrates his practice in the areas of Government Investigations, Litigation, and Healthcare. Before joining the firm, he served for nearly a decade as an assistant United States attorney in the Middle District of Tennessee.

Click the links below to read the articles.

Courts Applying a Broader Brush to False Claims Act Suits (May 13, 2022)

Supreme Court May Weigh In on Hospice FCA Cases (June 2, 2022)

Regulators Taking Aim at Hospice PE Backers (June 23, 2022)