Ryan Holt named Board Chair for Intrepid College Preparatory Charter School

Sherrard Roe Voigt & Harbison is pleased to announce that Intrepid College Preparatory Charter School has named SRVH associate Ryan Holt as the Chair of its Board of Directors.  Ryan is a Founding Board Member of Intrepid and has been the Board Secretary since 2012.  Intrepid College Prep is a grades 5-7 charter middle school located in Antioch, Tennessee.  Its mission is to equip all of its students with the academic foundation, financial literacy, and ethical development necessary to excel in selective colleges, earn professional opportunities, and demonstrate positive leadership.  Intrepid College Prep was recognized by the State of Tennessee in 2015 as a Reward School because its academic results were in the top 5% in Tennessee.

The Firm congratulates Ryan for his new role with Intrepid College Prep.  For more information, visit the Intrepid College Prep website.