Title Insurance and Bankruptcy
May 22, 2018   By: Mike Abelow
What happens if the seller of property files for bankruptcy and the bankruptcy trustee tries to undo the transaction?  Is the buyer protected by the Read More

Fee Shifting in Fraudulent Conveyance Cases? Yes, Sometimes.
January 6, 2016   By: Mike Abelow
Tennessee follows the American Rule that a successful litigant normally has to bear its own attorneys fees.  The typical exceptions to the rule are:  (1) Read More

A Little-known, but Big, Change in the Rules on Assets Held by Spouses
October 16, 2015   By: Mike Abelow
Assume that Alex and Casey own a house.  If they bought the house during the marriage, they are presumed to own it as “tenants by Read More

Sucker Punch: Manny Pacquiao and Nondisclosure Litigation
May 12, 2015   By: Ryan Holt
In Game 6 of the 1970 NBA Finals, Willis Reed tore his thigh muscle.  No one thought he would play in Game 7.  As usual, Read More

Discharge of Attorneys Fees
April 30, 2015   By: Mike Abelow
The holy grail of litigation is winning the case and getting the other side to pay your attorneys fees.  When this happens the loser may Read More

When PR Bites Back
March 31, 2015   By: Dewey Branstetter & Hunter Branstetter
For anyone involved in a newsworthy dispute, refusing to acknowledge our media-saturated modern world can be a dangerous proposition. As Amy Rao Mohan has already Read More

The Essence(s) of the Matter
February 26, 2015   By: Hunter Branstetter
Two not-altogether-wrong characterizations of lawyers are that we like Latin words and thrive on uncertainty. And if you’re analyzing statutes of limitations, you get to Read More

Lawyers, You Have the Right to Remain Silent, but What You Don’t Say Will Be Held Against You
February 24, 2015   By: Amy Rao Mohan
We touched on many issues in our recent crisis communications CLE, but one topic seemed to generate a lot of questions.  Lawyers, perhaps by their Read More

Garnishing an Independent Contractor
February 5, 2015   By: Mike Abelow
Earlier this week, the Tennessee Court of Appeals decided an important, and unprecedented, issue affecting the ability of creditors to garnish funds.  A garnishment is Read More

From Cost-Containment to Profit-Center
January 30, 2015   By: Phillip Cramer
Legal fees—the term strikes at the hearts of CFOs.  On the transactional side, legal fees are often viewed as a necessary evil.  While they help Read More


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