Cost Recovery

Sherrard Roe Voigt & Harbison’s cost recovery practice involves some of the largest and most complex litigation in the United States. Although corporations often prefer to avoid litigation, effective plaintiff’s side representation is a means for entities with substantial claims to vindicate their rights, recover significant damages, and obtain injunctive relief to protect against future violations.

On behalf of multiple Fortune 500 and other large corporations, our firm has recovered over 1 billion dollars in costs wrongly assessed against our clients. In fact, our firm has been at the forefront of corporate cost recovery practice for nearly fifteen years. For example, our firm helped pioneer the credit cards antitrust cost recovery actions, some of which are still ongoing.

Our cost recovery practice tends to involve large multi-district actions and often includes “opt out” litigation from pending class action cases. Clients are entities with significant claims that benefit from more specified representation and tailored relief that historically is superior to what can be obtained through membership in a class. This practice began with plaintiff’s side antitrust actions, but our expertise in multi-district litigation has allowed the firm to pursue cost recovery cases across a broad range of substantive areas of law.  Cases for a recovery action may arise from price fixing by suppliers, breach of contracts, mass torts, delivery of defective products by vendors, and other misconduct.

Through our cost recovery practice, we aim to avoid litigation where possible.  We have developed an expertise in advising clients on pending actions and the benefits and drawbacks to pursuing individual claims.  We have also developed a reputation with the defense bar that often allows us to work out favorable business concessions or other settlements at an early stage, if such resolution is conducive to our client’s best interest.

Cost Recovery Attorneys